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      Virtual Offices Simplified
    • We know what you are going through. Founded by entrepeneurs who once struggled to find a virtual office solution, and ultimately made their own. You can order our services a-la-carte or as part of a package:
      • Mail: Forwarding & Scanning – Including International
      • Phone: Forwarding, Inbound, Outbound, Fax, 411 & Live Answering
      • Virtual Office: Unique Address, Lease Documents, Access… Everything for a nexus.
      • Corporate Services: Incorporate Online and Use Our Registered Agent Service
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      Virtual Offices
      Allow our virtual office solutions to take the pressure off your organization. We provide a professional face, and you are able to outsource the stresses of mail, answering phones and remembering important deadlines.
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      Incorporation Services
      Let us handle the details so you can focus on the larger picture. Not everyone is an expert at forming Wyoming companies, and because of us not everyone needs to be. Click below to learn more about the various Wyoming corporations.
      • Wyoming LLCsWY C-Corps

      Registered Agent Services
      Our registered agent services include limited free mail forwarding, instructions on how to get a free number and more. An agent ensures you will receive all important mail, while retaining your privacy.
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      About us
      We were founded on the premise virtual offices shouldn’t be expensive and tedious. We have been in your position and know the frustration. It is 2017… There’s no need to be chained a desk… or an unprofessional virtual office provider.
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      Tell us what’s on your mind and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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      Pick & Choose
      We strive to provide a streamlined suite of services designed to boost your productivity. Our packages are designed with you in mind, and don’t be afraid to ask for a custom arrangement.

    • Mail Handling
      Don’t worry about mail. Let us worry about that. We will forward everything to your online account or physical address.
    • Phones
      Our phone services inlcude forwarding, inbound/outbound, voicemail, 800 numbers, live phone answering and fax services.
    • Wyoming LLCs
      You can form your Wyoming LLC online instantly with us. Provide the necessary details and we will handle the rest.
    • Wyoming Corporations
      You can form your Wyoming C-Corp with us. Enter in your information and we will handle the paperwork.
    • Wyoming Registered Agent
      Our registered office services allow you to re
    • main completely anonymous. First year free if you incorporate with us.
      Wyo Virtual Offices
      We will provide you with a lease, phone number, mail forwarding and physical access.

      Wyoming Virtual Offices
      Other providers charge obscene amounts for virtual offices in Wyoming. But we’re different. We believe in offering our clients inexpensive, quick and efficient solutions. This is why we offer virtual office pacakges beginning at $30, and offer everything a-la-carte, in case you want to start small.
      Economy Package $
Unique Address & Lease
307 Phone Number & Fax

      Unlimited Mail Forwarding
      Deluxe Package $
All of the above, plus physical access via shared office space
+25 for phone answering

      Elite Package:
All of the above
Dedicated office space & phone answering
      What is a Virtual Office?
A virtual office is an extension of your office. It receives mail and phone calls for you. It provides a professional face to your business, and prevents you from having to worry about every little thing.
      Who needs a Virtual Office?

      1. Generally individuals or businesses who don’t want the hassle of managing their own office. These include, but are not limited to, paying rent, filtering phone calls, managing payroll, ensuring HR compliance, filing forms and receiving mail.

      2. It is also useful, as we mentioned above, for putting on a professional face. Having a local phone number, and being able to receive mail, provide the appearance of a full-fledged operation.

      3. Those desiring privacy. Combining a Wyoming LLC, with a registered agent and virtual office, allows you to completely hide your company’s ownership.

      Is it easy to change virtual offices?
Yes. Simply list our address with whomever you wish. Provide a little additional information and we can even port your number over. We also file the forms to switch registered agents if you need.

      Why Wyoming?
Two reasons. The first is because many corporations are formed here due to Wyoming allowing completely anonymous ownership of companies. The second is our low cost of living. We are able to pass these savings onto you. So, keep your privacy and save your money. What do you have to lose?

      What if I don’t need an office in Wyoming, but do I need a Wyoming address for mail?

      Talk to us. We can sell you just mail forwarding, and prices scale as you ramp up. Also note, we provide limited complimentary mail forwarding to all of our registered agent clients.

      Can I have the Virtual Office service without Registered Agent service?
Yes. However, we recommend using the same provider for both. This is so you can avoid managing multiple platforms and so signals don’t become crossed regarding important documents.

      Regardless of who you choose, here are a few things to look out for:

      o Don’t get sucked into national office services. Locally based companies guarantee quality services and individualized customer care.
      o Many areas in Wyoming do not offer street delivery. Don’t let someone sell you a P.O. box.
      o Never settle for snail mail! We will scan your mail to you daily.
      o A phone number you cannot transfer, or one you could have set up for free yourself!
      o Never trust shifty websites. You can tell how trustworthy a website is by how professional it looks and how its employees act. We will always be upfront and professional with you.

      Final Thoughts:
Virtual offices are great for businesses in Wyoming. They save you money and frustration because you don’t have to pay large amounts for rent or deal with landlords. A virtual office is perfect for business owners who work from home and don’t feel comfortable listing their address.
      virtual office space in WY
      You may list the address we supply you with as your business’s primary address on any public document or contact forms. Our services are also great for business owners who incorporate in Wyoming, but don’t have property in Wyoming. We are a virtual extension of your business, and we can help any business. Our service provides all of the benefits, but none of the frequent issues associated with maintaining an office.

      Physical Office Space
      If you need to physically be in Wyoming for a meeting, or anything else, we offer Shared Office Space for your use. We also offer a Dedicated Office Space with internet access and a phone line which we can rent privately to you. Additionally, we offer Clerical services in which we provide you with a secretary who will handle whatever tasks you need at $50 per hour.