Establishing A Wyoming Nexus

A corporate nexus is, broadly speaking, the focal point of your business. It is the center which holds together all the disparate aspects. Your nexus' location can help determine:

  • Which taxes you are obligated to pay
  • Jurisdiction for potential creditor claims.

Properly establishing a nexus is different for each company, and always requires effort, but is often worth the work because of Wyoming's unique laws and advantages.

Define Nexus:

Here’s a working definition auditors use for nexus, though it varies state-to-state and country-to-country:
  • Where goods and services are bought and sold from
  • Where contracts are executed
  • Where your business has a physical location
  • Where you have employees

This is a broad list. Given such, it’s not impossible to construct an argument for your business nexus so long as you have some legitimate business activity and know how to structure your corporation and its affairs.

What are some suggested steps?

  1. Begin by forming a Wyoming Corporation (LLC, C-Corp, Close, S)
  2. Establish your principal address in Wyoming
  3. Sign a lease
  4. Have a 307 number with live-answering and a fax line
  5. Open a Wyoming based bank account

These are great first steps.

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