Wyoming Mail Forwarding & Scanning

Opening and sorting mail isn't fun. So let us do it. Just login to your client portal and review the documents at your convenience.

Our office can help your LLC remain private, reduce the workload at your corporation, and provide a professional face to other businesses. We also offer international mail forwarding.

What's The Process?

Just looking for mail forwarding? Here's the process:
  1. Fill the order form below.
  2. Check for an introductory email.
  3. Visit your online portal and see important documents.
  4. Hand out your new address.

We will have your address set up in our system within a day.

What do you charge?

  1. USA Mail Forwarding: $7 per piece, $49 minimum (large packages at cost + $7)
  2. International Mail Forwarding: $7 per piece, $49 minimum (large packages at cost + $7)
  3. Mail Scanning: $7 per piece, $49 minimum (large packages at cost + $7)
  4. Free if you form a virtual office with us.

What now?

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